Why Pickering Systems?

Why Pickering Systems?

Why Pickering Systems?  – So why choose us over any other EPoS, Cash Register & IDEASWeighing system supplier or service provider in Gloucestershire?

Our slogan says a lot about us – “Maintaining Service Quality” which describes exactly this – We maintain our promise to providing the best service to our customers, ensuring that the expected quality, transparency and utility is met on all of our products and services.

Don’t get let down by many companies prepared to just sell you a product on line, without the customer service and support you deserve.

We pride ourselves on providing all of our customers with four standard key elements:

  1. Required product and/or Service
  2. Delivery to your business premises
  3. Full Set up to your exact requirements including Staff training
  4. on-going Support and customer relationship

Where it all started

Graham Pickering joined the Weighing industry in the 1960’s as a boy apprentice for Avery Scales.

Later partnering in a local small business H. Griffin & Co in Wolverhampton, Staffs – providing and maintaining traditional Weighing machinery, as well as up and coming new technologies. As the company and customer base expanded, so did Graham’s knowledge and expertise in this sector.

Graham was a key contributor to the merging of H. Griffin & co in the 1980’s which saw a strategic business opportunity arise in Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.

He went on to setting up Pickering Scales & Cash Registers in the May of 1995, with the aim of spotting a niche in the market and so brings us up to date.


Pickering Systems – established in May 1995, opened it’s doors trading as Pickering Scales & Pickering Cash Registers. Throughout this time we have established a long working relationship with several key suppliers in the industry, enabling us to provide exactly what the end user needs.

The Owner Graham Pickering was joined by his son, Ian Pickering in early 2015, with a core aim to expand the business further and explore new areas of interest.

Ian had an apprenticeship roll with Pickering Scales back in 1999, when in 2000 he went on to gain 15 years experience working for a market leading multi national company – Parkeon Transit Ltd (Previously known as Wayfarer) supplying and servicing point of sale ticketing systems to the public transport industry.

Ian started as an area Technician with Wayfarer, later evolving into Senior Service management rolls within the sector of interest. Ian has adapted the wealth of knowledge gained with Parkeon to the day to day operations of Pickering Systems.


Reaching 20 years in business is a key milestone for us and the future drive for Pickering Systems as a company is to establish a name within the Gloucestershire region, as well as the South West of England, embracing new technologies and products and most importantly Maintaining Service Quality”.

By investing in Pickering Systems, you can be assured of many years of experience within the industry, as well as a high standard of customer service and knowledge of the local environment.