Printed Cards

Printed Cards

For Loyalty – Gift – Membership – Clerk Log On – Tags

Printed Cards are becoming more and more common place within businesses these dayes. Whether for simply allowing your staff to sign in or log onto the Till system – perhaps to provide a virtual payment method to your customers or pupils – the possibilities are endless.
We’ve proudly teamed up with a local, Cheltenham based card printing specialist, for the supply of our cards.

Printed Clerk Cards

Here at Pickering Systems, we are familiar with the various types of cards available, as well as the compatible readers on the market today.

Printed cards are most commonly used for – but not limited to:
Gift Cards
Customer Loyalty
Door Entry
Clerk Log On
Driver Stamping

Interface to your existing EPoS or Weighing equipment:
Mag Stripe

Gold Loyalty Card

Printed Cards work seamlessly with ICR Touch