What Is EPoS?

What Is EPoS?

So – What Is EPoS?

EPoS is short for “Electronic Point of Sale”, also sometimes described as POS (Point of Sale).

The description “EPoS” was born when the leap in Cash Register technology simply went electronic, from the old mechanical Cash Registers of yesteryear to the electronic of today.

EPoS is an extremely powerful tool, allowing businesses to benefit from the wealth of features available these days.

As with the growth of IT over recent decades EPoS has simply piggy backed neatly on to this. Often running Windows, Linux or Apple based operating systems.

“How Can EPoS benefit my business?” 

The first question to ask yourself is: What area of my business do I want to improve? –

  • Increase and maintain Gross Profit margin
  • Identify slow moving stock
  • Manage staff time and attendance
  • Enhance your business

EPoS can directly enhance most areas of a business.

A recent case study of Pickering Systems was based on a local publican who was spending a large monthly fee for an accountant. Their current Cash Register wasn’t providing the correct level of daily sales breakdown. With an upgrade to modern EPoS, they are now able to run off a wealth of standard reports, from daily sales figures, Tax breakdowns to identifying the most profitable products on offer.

As a result, a book keeper can digest the information with ease, saving the need for an accountant.

An additional benefit was being able to highlight none and slow moving stock, these can then be up-sold to clear.

It’s been demonstrated time and time again that investing in EPoS will pay your business back in a surprisingly short period of time.