Simply give us a call and we can arrange a date and time of your choice, to visit site for the Calibration, Test and Service of your Weighing Scales.

With our test weights calibrated & certified to national standards, we are able to assist many businesses in checking over your Weighing Scales.


We can also accept Scales brought to our office for testing within our workshop.

The Scales are put on soak test for a period of time and test loads applied to match the typical working range of the equipment. We also test for repeat-ability and eccentricity across the platform.

If a discrepancy is found, we will attempt to Calibrate where possible or repair if required.

Calibration certificates are provided along with an Invoice for the work carried out.

Allow us to take the uncertainty out of your weighing operations, with professional and cost effective Calibration services.

We cover all of Gloucestershire and surrounding counties as a rule but are happy to travel if needed.

If your Scales are beyond repair, we won’t charge an inspection charge, upon the basis that a new set are purchased through us.

As a proud supporter of local business, we provide preferential rates to Cheltenham based companies.

Please feel free to contact us on:

01242 519988 –