Cash Registers

Cash Registers

 Cash Registers still offer a perfect, cost effective solution to most businesses.

With the ability to perform Barcode scanning, stock control and Table tracking, Cash Registers offer a great alternative to going Touch Screen EPoS and at a much lower price.

We sell only the market leading brands to ensure a high quality and lifespan at ultra competitive prices.

Our most popular brand is the entire Sam4s range, however other well liked brands, including our superb own-branded Pickering range of Till are available from us.

We sell a range of our very own Pickering branded Cash Registers and EPoS Terminals that have great functionality and can withstand day to day use as well as any other brand.

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Starting from only £125 + VAT…


We also on occasions have a limited number of second hand Cash Registers in stock – please ask the question when you call.

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Sam4s SPS500 Series

Top of the range Tills include the Sam4s SPS-500 (Right) & 900 series (Below) Cash Registers featuring:

  • 7″ Touch Screen display (SPS-500 only)
  • Heavy Duty Cash Drawer
  • Flat or Raised Keyboard
  • Dallas Key or Swipe card log on
  • Linkable to Barcode Scanners
  • Single or Dual Printer
  • Ideal for Retail or Hospitality
  • Back office stock suit available

Sam4s 900 Series


Cash Registers still offer a very cost effective & reliable solution to any business – with the ability to perform highly complex tasks compared to the Tills of yesteryear.

To extensive reporting, Table tracking and stock control – there is very little a Cash Register can’t do these days in comparison to the newer EPoS solutions on the market.sam4s_nr-510f


Our confidence with Sam4S cash registers is why we choose Sam4S as our brand of choice for our Hire stock of Tills.

For more information on hiriing Tills from Pickering Systems, please click here