Medical & Slimming Scales

Medical & Slimming Scales

Here at Pickering Systems we have been providing Services to many industries that use Chair WeigherMedical & Slimming Scales, including:

  • Care Homes
  • Slimming Clubs
  • Privately owned & NHS Medical Centres

Products include:

  • Chair Weighers
  • Baby Scales
  • Wheelchair platform scales
  • Hoist Weighers
  • Stand on Scales with remote indicators
  • Print Out Scales
  • Fitness Scales
  • Systm One linkable Scales

Pickering Systems understands the importance of weighing in the medical sector, with the accuracy of patient weight being at the forefront of our customers interests.

Baby Scale

Fitness Scale

With interval Calibration and certification, we can provide our customers with the confidence in their patient weighing equipment.

With experience spanning 40 years in the weighing sector, Pickering Systems are an ideal choice for any of your weighing needs…

Our test Weights are tested & certified to national standards to ensure accuracy for all Calibration & certification of any weighing machine.

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