Quorion Software

Quorion Software

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Quorion Software offers a brilliant – easy to use programming utility for Quorion Hardware.

  • QTouch is an embedded POS system that performs well under heavy use
  • The hardware and software function well as a single entity
  • It offers 55,000 PLU’s, scanning and stock control
  • The software allows users to program up to 99 variations of multi buy action table

Quorion QTouch

  • Q-Prog is the Quorion programming utility.
  • The QProg for Windows Software Application provides a simple way to enter and maintain your Quorion program, maintain your WAN and update selected registers and finally to consolidate your reporting.
  • Reports generated are graphical outputs (bar graphs and pie charts)


  • Q-Stock is  a web based, multi site back office software that connects to Quorion touch screens and the QMP-2000 range
  • Connects with different terminal models – e.g.Have touch screens in one branch, pads in another
  • Choose which files to share, and which to keep seperate – e.g. Share the keyboard file, but use a different clerk & PLU file.
  • Web based software means no installation onto computer is required, no updates to worry about – you are always using the latest version!


  • State of the art intuitive mobile touch screen interface for Android tablets
  • Speed up and streamline the ordering process
  • You can run numerous handhelds at the same time
  • QOrder is a hardware independent portable ordering system that runs the complete QMP POS software on Android devices.
  • Impress your customers by serving their drinks before you even finished taking their food order!