Quorion – EPoS Touchscreen Terminals

Quorion – EPoS Touchscreen Terminals

quorion 1

Our Quorion EPoS Touchscreen terminals offer a cost effective great looking option to our customers.

Made in Germany, they come with the build quality you would expect from German electrical engineering.

The Quorion range comes in Four different models, detailed below.

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  • Quorion Qtouch 8
  • Small all-in-one design with integrated 80mm printer
  • Customer display
  • Full back office integration
  • Ideal for small businesses

Quorion Q8

  • Quorion Qtouch 10
  • A tidy all-in-one design with incorporated 80mm printer
  • High quality 10″ Touch Screen
  • Customer display
  • Full back office integration
  • Great space saving solution if the Q8 isn’t big enough
  • Our Best Seller!

Quorion Q10

  • Quorion Qtouch 12
  • A serious contender in the touchscreen world the Q12 offers a competative affordable POS terminal
  • Customer display
  • Full back office integration
  • Ideal for retail shops – Hospitality applications such as bars, restaurants
  • Wall mountable
  • Many interface options for peripherals

Quorion Q12

  • Quorion Qtouch 15
  • Rather like the Q12 but with a 15″ display and again a serious contender in the Touchscreen world
  • Full back office integration with easy to use management systems
  • Wall mountable
  • Ideal solution for bars, clubs & restaurants amongst many other applications

Quorion Q15